The Process

Below is an example of how a CLC is obtained so that the building process can start and an Occupancy Permit & final certificates can be issued when the project is completed

Step 1

Collate or start the process of obtaining the relevant approvals, permits, drawings, reports and forms for the project. 

Step 2

Request a quote for building surveying services from LTBS – this can be requested via phone, email or via the Request a Quote button below

Step 3

Engage a building surveyor to start the assessment process.

The minimum documentation needed for a CLC to be issued is listed below:

Depending on the project specifications these additional documents may be required:
  • Certified Drawings from Structural Engineer plus Form 55 / Form 35
  • Certified Drawings from Civil Engineer plus Form 55 / Form 35
  • Site/Soil Assessment plus Form 55
  • On site waste treatment Report plus Form 55
  • Energy Efficiency Report plus Form 55
  • Bushfire Assessment plus Form 55
  • NCC Lighting Calculator
  • Form 6 Notice of Proposed Protection Work – (Click here)
Your architect or building designer will be able to assist you in collating the forms & documents listed above.  Please contact our office if you require further assistance. 

Step 4

CLC Issued

Once the project has been assessed against all relevant legislation and the building surveyor has deemed the proposed work to be safe and fit for purpose the CLC will be issued. 

  • For Notifiable Work (Category 3) LTBS will submit the CLC package to the council and the client will need to contact the council and pay the applicable fees. 
  • For Permit Work (Category 4) LTBS will send the CLC package to the client and the client will submit this package as part of the Building Permit application and council fees will be applicable. 
The CLC may have been issued with conditions which will need to be addressed during the construction process and may require a statement of compliance at the end of the project.  

Step 5

Form 39 – Start Work Notification

Once council fees have been paid LTBS will send the client and builder the Start Work Notice – this form can only be signed by a licensed builder.  LTBS will check that the builder is licensed to perform the required work and will then authorise that building work can commence. 

Step 6

Site Inspections

LTBS inspectors or a structural engineer will be responsible for site inspections during the different stages of the build. 

Mandatory inspections include footings/slab, frame and final inspections.

LTBS will require inspection reports from any inspections performed by the structural engineer.

Step 7

Occupancy and Final Certificates 

To occupy a building LTBS will need to conduct a final inspection and issue an occupancy permit. 

If the building surveyor is also satisfied that the building is finished and will perform as intended the following final certificates will be issued: 

  • For Notifiable Work (Category 3) – Certificate of Completion will be issued by LTBS 
  • For Permit Work (Category 4) – Certificate of Final Inspection will be issued by LTBS, and the council will issue the Certificate of Completion 

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