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The Building Act 2016 groups building work into four risk categories and the Director of Building Control in Tasmania provides details on what type of work falls into each category. 

Please see the following link for descriptions of each category – Directors Determination – Categories of Building and demolition Work (cbos.tas.gov.au) 

Services provided by LTBS

  • Certificate of Likely Compliance (CLC) for Notifiable Work (Category 3) and Permit Work (Category 4) projects
  • Category 2.5.2 & 2.8 assessment and statements for Low-Risk building work performed by a Licensed Builder
  • Statutory Referrals to government bodies such as TAS Fire & Environmental Health Officer (EHO) for commercial projects
  • Site Inspections
  • Occupancy & Temporary Occupancy Permits

Services NOT provided by LTBS

  • Planning permission – planning permission/approval differs from building approval as it is concerned with the visual impact and amenity of the development whilst building approval addresses the safety of the building work. Please check with the local council if planning permission/approval is required. 
  • Plumbing – Owners will need to check with the local council and TasWater to determine if the project requires a plumbing permit or a Certificate of Certifiable Works. 
  • Design Services & Project management – As the building surveyor for a project LTBS assesses the compliance of the building design against legislation and can advise on compliance issues during the design development phase, we do not provide design services.   
  • Pre-purchase building inspections – pre-purchase inspections are often performed before the sale of property. LTBS does not provide this service. 
  • Owner Builder or Retrospective building works – we currently are unable to assist with Owner Builder projects, projects that have commenced and retrospective approval or certification of projects. 

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